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Harland Press
Harland Press, publishing for the love of it
A very small press. A collaboration between Robert Harwood and myself.

Blurb online publishing. Currently three titles in my bookstore. One more under PWSS.


Samples of my photography and drawing can be viewed on flickr


Robert W. Harwood, author
I Went Down to St. James Infirmary
The story of a song and what happens when a traditional work becomes a commodity. A thoroughly researched and highly entertaining read. Check out Harwood’s blog on the book, the song, and the music of the period.

Cover and interior designed and produced by myself for Harland Press.

Max Simmer Art

Version House | Maxwell Simmer
We make digital books. Our focus is on creating and distributing works of poetry and fiction. We develop, publish and distribute our own publications, and also offer digital publishing services to a wide range of clients.

wild prairi
James R. Page, photographer, author
Exceptional outdoor photography. Diverse habitats and deep observations of the small and large. And he can write. Workshops, as well.

Author/photographer of:
Wild Prairie: A Photographer's Personal Journey by James R. Page, David Suzuki Foundation, and Candace Savage (Hardcover — September, 2005). Award winning text and cover design by Peter Cocking. Greystone.
Principal photographer of:
Prairie: A Natural History by Candace Savage (Paperback — April 2006). Text and cover design by George Vaitkunas. Cover photo by Branimir Gjetva. Greystone.
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See also Jim’s digital portfolio on flickr and ipernity

Prairie: a natural history